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Business Automation nourishes your business to achieve more by automating your business processes and relationships with your customers, as well as other business partners, by deploying "hybrid" cloud technologies based on open industry standards to avoid vendor lock-in and by becoming your "personal" ICT department which you can count on to run your day-to-day business operations.


Hybrid Cloud is a "hybrid" Managed Cloud Service provider which takes your data asset security, both informational as well as physical, very seriously and caters for it by providing a private cloud within your business site for maximum possible data security, and for any public data providing end-to-end data encryption and isolation (VPN) from the Internet for a maximum possible data security solution.

Sharia Compliant is a Sharia Complaint Company (SCC), an industry first, which means the company is based on the Islamic Sharia principles and ethics applied internally through out the company in its daily business operations as well as externally in its dealings with the customers and business partners.

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About was inspired by a desperate need in the market for a one stop shop Managed Cloud Service provider focused on the customer business and with the customer reassurance of taking full responsibility of migrating their ICT infrastructure to its Cloud Center.



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